Tuesday, September 8, 2015


   I  was seventy four mile away from Bill Rowley and thought about paying the Bot a visit. It was a relief when I told Myself He is'nt worth it. I will still cross the street to kick Him hard when I see the Boy though.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

14111 veiws so far

   I had to write Tonight because I am out of Here. Seattle is'nt quite the place for Me. For one thing it's getting pretty sorry in America. I have seen the videos of Kids beating People up for nothing, these are everyone of them Blacks on White People. I see that I will not give You a chance to defend Yourselves I will be trying to hurt Everyone of You. John Lucas said a few years back, "If the Blacks ever went off We're in deep shit.". I had a few run ins actually with a couple of black Boy's here. I was walking out of a Bar and He, as Kid's do, tried to bump Me. I'm 55 years old, I know how Children think to a point. He then ssid something but I just ignored Him and walked on. The same thing I did when another came around the corner and We were'nt too far away from each other. After I passed He started saying something I could tell was directed towards Me. I learned in the 8th grade to walk away until cornered and then come out like an Animal from My Karate classes. Which leads Me to say this about William Ogden Rowley Whom resides in Wenachie Washington less than 200 miles from My current location, Bill You are damn lucky I can resist the temptation to pay You a visit. It would start as just an ass beating, and I am very capable of it You know from experience Bill, but I really am afraid I would just shoot the piece of Shit. I have these feelings inside of Me when I think of Nancy that it's eating Me up inside. I wrote this whole thing Tonight because of what it did to Me. I was racked with pain, and as usual You want to die right then. I have shed more tears in M y Life I am convinced No Man before has ever cried as much as I. They roll down My face as I write. I can't even concentrate right now. I'm leaving this as wrote. Good night.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dip shit here

   I really have to say, this sucks. My Life? Wow! Well as of Monday I am out of here. I cannot stand working for a Person that is wealthy but when it is time to pay His Subs holds Their money. We should have had the framing done two weeks ago but the Framer has lost Men, more then likely on another job. When His Men didn't get paid They jumped ship. Now We are plugging along at a snails pace. I knew it would be a disaster the day I was given the keys to everything. Derek, the Boss when I arrived had already put in His notice . On His last day He told Me all about how this Company has a bad reputation for not paying Their bills at some places. I cannot just order material at some places, it has to be paid right then. That is something I want no part of, I have seen it too many times before. I already quit once here but was talked into staying, but the framing is near enough that I am out of here. Perfect timing too, Elk season for bow Hunters starts on the 1st of September. So My next transmission will probably be to Wyoming. Have a great one Folks, Kelly.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My little World

   In the first damn place, any Kid that told Me that He stood there with His jaw dropped and stared at His future Wife's body, and then three years later stands there and gawks at a Woman's body in the same manner only no slack jaw the second time, I would go out of My way to help. But I seem to have hit a snag on the help part. It is ridiculous to say the least how these Characters act. I am not a Liar nor will I become one either, these People deserve time for Their crimes and that is what I am about. I ask You in the name of humanity please find a way to restore what little dignity I may have had in My Life. I sure need a way out of this misery. Thanks for listening at least, Kelly.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello again

    How much longer must I keep this Shit up? Do You want to know something about pain, it hurts. Stating the obvious I know, but it isn't a fun Life. "Well change You Life.", is something People would say, I've tried. I am trying again too, I haven't had a Beer in a week now and My shirts aren't as tight as they were a few weeks back either. At least I am doing that much. "The Lord helps Them that help Themselves.", I guess that means He's helping Richard and Bill because They sure helped Themselves. But hey, They don't recall.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On top of the World

   I know where I can find Richard now, yes on top of the World. I would give My left arm, literally, to be the one that pushed Him into the turd pile that awaits Him at the bottom of His plummet. Do You think I am joking when I say how bad I want these People in the ground?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

14013 I believe it said Tonight

   Twelve more readings, cool! Forgive the Childish sarcasm it is uncalled for. My Life? I have but one option but to look at it when I start to type here. Wow! Is really all I can say. Here I am a Heart Broken Fool, a Fool with no choice in the matter because Fools never do have a chance, You're born to it, in a country known as America where People are looking pretty fucked up. I saw as a Child the camps on the side of the freeway out of town where the Hippies lived. The Cops went down Our street a few times saying to stay inside. The Strawberry Festival in Orange County was said to have some serious riots when My Folks worked the ticket booths, as the head People in the office. My Dad said They would have a solid wall of Cops around the trailer They were in and watched it out the window. The sixties in Southern California. Bah! We had some real Bad Ass Bikers as Neighbors once. Later in Life when working there I asked a white Guy if He had heard of Crow Village, "Yea I've heard of Crow.". Would have started Kindergarden around '64 or so, I heard They shoot out the street lights there now, at least that was in the '90s, I heard it from a Freind's Mom I visited there. I'm still surprised I wound up walking out of there without a major fight or two. They tried, but? I told You about Mr. Ray Joe Lewis? I kicked His ass hard. And We were only three. Well? I've looked Him up and in My surprise the Fool is in Salem Oregon. I am now Friends with Him and His Sister Cathy on Facebook. My Sister Kay told Me She had become Friends on there and I said 'huh?!' or something like that and contacted Him immediately. Ray was always there when some kind of shit just happened to come along, and the thing is I did'nt see Ray a lot after We moved from being right next door but He would be there when needed, that is a Friend. In other words, at least I'm an innocent Fuck to write such garbage. Get Me out of this Life is what I pray for to that almighty son of a bitch in the sky, but it aint workin'. You Folks have a great Life and don't worry about Me, I seriously aint sure how much more of the Nancy crap I can deal with, do You understand? My daily ritual is to get up and take a iss and say I hate thie Life, no shit.