Saturday, July 23, 2016

I see now

I just realized something. I play the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, I will never win.
They take one look at Your record and throw Your ass to the streets
How many People do Cocaine in Their offices? I have an offense from nearly twenty years ago. I have'nt even been around the junk for almost ten years if not over. I could'nt tell You when I walked away from it
My Sister had a worse problem than I, She never got caught so She'd be OK in the eyes of the righteous. Me? Hell I am tossed aside as always
Discrimination is not only against Blacks Folks. I see it all the time
Retarded Kids are set aside too
Exspungment cost $99 I just need to get it done. A letter to the Governor of Texas could give Me a full pardon too. I just need to stay out of trouble and it's easy. Five years after My time I could have has that, I got out in '99
It makes no difference to some "Criminal!" is all They see

Thursday, July 21, 2016


The way I see it is that Everyone just follows along in elections
The 3rd party may have tbe best Man for President but will never win because We all vote Democrat and Republican
Hillary was tossed off Watergate and investigated by the FBI and Trump is a spoiled brat that mocks retarded People. I cannot see Either in office
I plan on studying the other Candidates and I think it wise

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crappy Life

I was out of it when I attempted suicide, a full 5th of Jack and sleeping pills will do that, and put it on Facebook
I took some flack for it Tonite. Have been since I came back to Wyoming. My Sister flipped when I did that and couldn't reach Me and put it out that I was lost. I get told not to get lost again
Even My Boss showed Me My picture She put out looking for Me. That is hard to deal with. Hell I feel like ending this Charade right now
Why continue with a Life People don't really want around
I have never really been accepted because I am slow. Fuck this shit hurts

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yes, this is My life

I just stated the title to the book I attempted to publish
That was before I understood how I destroyed My Life. I had not a clue on how acid was sent to Me at that time, nor how acid rock was mysteriously placed where it was readily available
I completely understand how it all happened now. It became clear after "Richard Pattison, Killeen Texas" and "Marge! Marge! Marge! Or was that Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! Ah, I wanted the Magilla Gorilla"
People these Kids set out to alter My thoughts. Once Hugh Hefner tried to approach Me They went all out
Rush 2112 made Me an Artist. I am copyrighted as proof. I now have newer songs I feel compare too
If You have a humane soul do something please. I went out Tonite and caught a fair buzz hoping to run into an Asshole, even with a pinched nerve from My wreck I will fight

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Help Me please

I really hate the title but I had to write it
All I want is to live decent but it seems out of reach
As I say I am usually the Foreman so I am not near as bad as They set out to make Me. But dammit I have lived as a messed up Life for over thirty years. That alone is a killing offense, Their screwing with Me aggravates things
I do carry a loaded .44 and am a good shot. I would prefer breaking a neck but I am at a point in Life

Monday, July 11, 2016


People say that if You continually repeat Yourself hoping for the same outcome You are insane. Well I must be knutts because I do exactly that
Richard Pattison fried My brain and is screwing with Me and I want Him in Prison. I will say it over and over too
"He fried Your brain?" yes I was set up with drugs and Rock & Roll before being asked to join a Band, without being a Musician too. "We'll teach You how to play" was Bill Rowley's reply when I said I can't play
Yes, there was a Party in Austin, yes I was handed a Playboy mentioning said Party, and yes I kept being offered LSD, a serious amount too
I was so innocent I walked away from true love two years later. Does this clarify things? I might commit murder in four days Folks
There are 500 registered guests showing up here in Wyoming on Friday. I am going looking for trouble, fact

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Breaker Breaker one nine

Back in the mid seventies You had to register Your CB handle. Moms was the Truckers Wife, I am Superman
I have heard Truckers Wife used in shows
This makes Me think Pattison just listened a lot