Friday, July 31, 2015

worth reading Today

I am sickened by all of this crap I am seeing in this Country. You actually allow this Richard Pattison to walk all over Me, and Kid's find it amusing? There are People raising cane about a Lion that was shot? Good God Man it's an Animal that would hunt You down and eat You. Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin? And receiving awards for it too? All I am is a slightly retarded Kid that was set up for a fall, that should be in the media instead, but no I am not a priority. We are in deep shit in America because the People of Today don't see any wrong with something like what is going on in My Life, way too many Kid's out there for a fact. Even back in the 60s, if the crap that is going on, speaking of the Terrorist and the likes, it would have came to blood shed already. But no, We have to be sensitive. These People You're walking on egg shells around don't give a rats ass about You and want to kill You, but let's be nice to Them. God! Hello out there, You had better start to look at everything in an eye that isn't closed to reality. All I want is justice, and You would rather cry over a damn animal then assist Me. You have to wonder about the reasoning of the Terrorist, why do You want to kill such innocent People as the Americans? Hell just leave 'em be They'll destroy Themselves. Have a wonderful fucking day, Kelly McGill.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Murder one

   If You actually think that I am not mad enough to go to Wenachie Washington and shoot one William Ogden Rowley right in the head You had better look again. They purposely set out to alter My thinking, and succeeded too. I am in no way the same Person I was when it all started. My train of thought was one that didn't even know that People play Their silly game. I was a natural in the manner in which I saw everyday life. I was set upon by My so called Friends and I hate the thought of that truly. I will insist on My word being better than any of those involved because I am the one speaking the truth. I am really at a loss when I see how They can do whatever They please and nothing gets done about it. It is sickening to say the least.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I try

I really wonder if I am even getting My point across here. Good God this Life sucks bad. I doubt if a single one of You out there truly understands the pain I live with daily. It is a mess of a Life that's for damn sure.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello again

    I have said it time and time again, I hate doing this crap. Just signing in I start getting depressed. And then I get pissed off at what it is about. I am a Victim! Give Me My chance at these People. Do You completely understand what I am saying here? In a Country that brags about how great They are I see a lot of not so great things. Richard Pattison is just a small item in this category, but dammit He is a mean Bastard that needs taken. I know this Boy pretty damn good Folks. I can see Him easily manipulating People. Him and His Pal Bill Rowley are nothing but Frauds. They both know exactly what I am about. Neither one of Them can honestly call Me a Liar and that is a fact. I want so bad to go over the pass and go to Wenachie and take this Bill Rowley apart. My problem is this, I would kill the Mother Fucker and that is a fact. When I see how I was taken advantage of and left with a spinning mind I want blood. I say this so those in authority that are watching this can see My real dilemma. People, what They have done to My Life is a killing offense. I guarantee that if it had been done to one of My Family I would have already paid Mr. Rowley a visit. I refuse to fight Him fair too, He doesn't deserve a fighting chance over this. He would be damn lucky if I don't put Him in His grave. In other words Somebody had better act quick before it's too late.

Friday, July 24, 2015

I am not a Fraud

   Hello again. My plight in Life is not an easy one, I suffer from irreversible brain damage. I stated before that as a two year old I took a fall. There would be a medical record in Lander Wyoming from around 1962 or '63, I know it was in the fall or late summer because there was no snow on the ground yet. I know in My heart that that alone has caused some serious issues in My life, like not realizing what is happening right in front of My face.  Sheila and Nancy both are proof of that. I as a Human Being suck. My life is screwed up and I see now how it took place. As I have said I was asked to join a Band and didn't even know a guitar chord, that in My eyes proves the guilt of Richard Pattison Bill Rowley and Their Friends. When I landed in Riverton Wyoming this last time I was therefor one reason, I even told My Mom this, to shed blood. I knew if I let these People know though that They were to smart to show up where I am and that They know about this that I write too. It had been close to seven years since I had been there and really had no inclination of even going there until I thought I might just run into one of Their Pals there and show Him what I thought about Their dirty little trick. My reasoning being is because I really don't want to be around My Family. My Parents say things just to mess with Me Themselves. I was told some far fetched crap too. I won't go into that at this time though because I am a bit bothered by it. Please Somebody out there follow up on this for Me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


   Well? When is Richard Pattison going to go on trial? This Scoundrel is deserving a swift kick in the ass, if not worse places. I just cannot understand how it is that nothing is being done.