Sunday, January 25, 2015


   As I sat in a Bar, an attractive, yet older Gal sits across the Bar. Our eyes meet, but yet I am too worried about being, 'not the one', again. Tonight She was an attractive Woman to begin with. She gave all the signs of being a Woman looking for love too. And yet I sleep alone. I do not write this shit to look bad either, that is of course My Life. No She was not in Love, but yes I was looked towards. Meaning? If the Kid had the guts to approach Her I doubt if I'd be writing right now. Sex in a small Town? I might see Her again though. Fault! I did the same thing for years after I met Nancy, 'I will see Her again.', were My thoughts and it kills Me. The night life here is still there, the only thing is, Nancy fucked Me up. I only hope that a realist reads this, for I am as real as I can be Here. Proof? That is My problem I am seeing here. Television is involved, there has to be a trail. Again, I have to prove I am the Being these Children find amusing.


   Yet again I have to go to the Web and seek a way to bring some Boy's to justice. I would really be wondering about it all if I were the one reading some Fool write about this. Especially after the time He has spent writing it. Years of My life have already been used in My attempt. It is Life I would rather forget and move on as a natural Life. I am known as a Person that gets promoted quick in the construction field, and I know I don't deserve it mostly. I am not smoking pot like I used to, but I can still make too many mistakes because of the Life created for Me. I insist that I speak the truth about this whole affair. I am real.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am still here

   Been sick since Tuesday, but I'm still fighting here. I really am flabbergasted as the saying goes when I look at how these People actually are. There is no way in Hell They can be allowed to do what it is that They do. "Richard Pattison, Killeen Texas.", "Ah, I wanted the MaGilla Gorilla.", "Grandpa Kelly says Eeyah.", take Them to trial and I will prove what I say here to be truth. They have no morals or ethics to be the way They are. Any Person that deliberately sabotages another Humans mind and then finds it amusing to mess with Them is nothing more then a Child. As I have said before, I feel there is enough evidence in My eyes to bring these People down. My question is why are They still able to live free. Horrible Children are what We are dealing with.

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Silly Human pride."

    "She looked at Me all Googilly eyed!", I have been the Kid on the recieving end three times now. Sheila in '79 and again in '86 if I'm correct, and Nancy in 1982 in Austin Texas. I am a Lost soul seeking any help possible before I say enough. I have had enough contact with the Law in America it's hard to understand why I still have to continue. The proof in My opinion is right in front of Your faces  that this Richard Pattison is an out of control Child. He finds My Life amusing? This is My reality in Life, I survive.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


   Here We are.

I am at a loss

   I see that I do have People reading this, and I sure as Hell hope it's the right ones too. My reasoning being is that I feel it all for not. Is this a waste of time or is it going to bring these Children to justice? I have My doubts about the justice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How is Your Evening going?

   I would much rather be the casual Kid I always was just like the title. But Dammit I was wronged. The dishonorable manner inwhich Mr. Pattison clearly enjoys is nothing but a smug Child. You conduct Yourself as if it's a joke Son.