Monday, August 22, 2016

Still here dammit

I have been doing this crud for over five years now. I have just begun, really
During this time I lived in a tent in Santa Monica, spent four months in Jail in Cheyenne Wyoming for doing nothing, and messed My shoulder up in a head on collision in Washington
Gauranteed, if I knew exactly where Richard Pattison was for sure I would go there. My plan would not be to be nice for a fact
"Nice Guys finish last so no more Mister nice Guy" I am sick of being walked on by these People. It would be easy to commit murder, yes I say so
I was tempted to take Bill Rowley's life but I would never get to see Richard fall. That is exactly how I feel too
My innocence was an easy thing to see back then and I was used. In fact that is always how They were
I beg of You People with the power to destroy these People to do so. I am deserving

Sunday, August 14, 2016


I am an honest Son of a Bitch. So honest it may hurt My chances
I am the one that will help You when in need. I have been Homeless and gave money to other Homeless Folk because They looked in worse shape, yes I have done
I do not want to drag You down by saying My Life sucks, I have to
I have but few avenues in Life and this is one
If I got off My lazy ads I could publish a book or two I am confident too
I am told My music is as well, I tried but not hard enough
What I want most of all is to bring Richard Pattinson down and take everything He owns away
Richard was the Kid that set it up, even though there is no proof. He is guilty

Friday, August 12, 2016


My Father and I
Just told the 80 year old how it has been
I tell the Youth in the Family about drugs too. Stay away, I've  done 'em
If only I help My own
I'd ruther help Your'n
Keep Kids away from the junk by being honest Folks. "I fried Me brain"
Dumbass here

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Again I write

I am a lost Person. This will make no sense to those that have never been. Lost? It is a feeling, a sense that says to You that You do not know where to turn. Without Nancy I have wandered aimlessly through life, just hoping Somebody of Her class comes along. Along the way I have messed up too. I have had other chances but always screwed up, Hell Sheila fell in love again
I am a Kid at 56, rough
"I demand respect" even as a lost  Kid
I can't even get a dollar from Folks. That is not what this is about, but I did ask when I started. I feel like asking again but will not
You Folks have a wonderful evening, Kelly

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hey World!!?

Salton  Sea?  Toxic dust bowl?
Plus the Crazies trying to kill Us? And We  allow Kids such as Richard to run amuk? Hello? Rough Life, give 'em Hell!
The Yellowstone  Caldera? We seek daily more ways to ruin Ourselves too
Zika and WNV are mosquito born? Chemical Warfare!
Welcome to America where I drew back for one thing, seen the Cities Myself
Let's change the World. Kids like Richard need to fall. The World period hates a Child such as these, We are at War Sir! They want to kill Americans as They have proved
I really was destroyed by these Kids, "His words My words"?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kelly again

McGill again sounds like Gilligan again
It's like, "Fuck with the Kid". Men do nothing of the sort, fact
Yes I am a Child named Kelly that Richard Pattison has screwed with 1980
Right after I met the Kid He bummed ride
I wrote a song, I  was in a state of pain and gave it to Bill and was soon contacted

A new day

Even if I hit the lottery I would pursue justice, only then I could compete
These Assholes did do what I say. And this fucking  with My life now  anglers Me to a point I know I would take justice into My own hands