Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to start?

   I want a Person brought down so bad I tell about a Life destroyed. Kids figure it out quick not to be like Us slow Folks, but Us slow folks can't help it, We're slow. Not meaning to be a Comedian here, Boy's when a Girl looks Your way and You're some shy Kid? Get over it and get over there. Me? Hell My Friend, the Women I speak of are astoundingly, astronomically..... Mind blowing beautiful. I was a Kid on the loose in a new World to Him and became love struck. That is what You have here. I regret many moments of My Life and writing this is not one. It gives Me a goal.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Here I sit

   Yes I sit and tell all. I use the name Bad Elvis, I own the copyright on that exact name. It is in the files at the Library of Congress. I said how My Sister Kay said something about a bad impersonation left on the answering machine, the night I recorded in Manchaca Texas I remembered that and said there's a name for a Band. I laughed My ass off. Kelly McGill's luck struck again, My tranny went out on cue. I have positive proof on this. I was towed to Killeen from north Austin and the next day paid to tow it back via the repair. I have had Eagle Transmissions in Texas rebuild shit before, They get it right. When the Salesman asked if there were any shops close by ask I asked in return, this is Eagle transmissions? And paid for it in payments before I drove it. Napa will do that I found out with a good deposit also. I told of being allowed to walk across the filming as a Homeless Person with a Guitar on His back, that is the same Person You will find on the Playboy Mansions security camera when I walked up to the gate. Hell ya I'm gonna do after receiving that Playboy. I wish I'd a read the junk! Man! What the Hell? I said They had the Kid stoned to the max.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How rough it is.

   I again remembered what I was saying when I had to pee. I had to write it down to remember it, that's how bad I want this. What I was saying was about when My story began. I told You about the drugs and Rock & Roll just happening along. They knew I listened to it and set it up so I would find it in plain sight. 2112 was a cassette tape laying on top of the the turntable, Animals from Pink Floyd was vinyl already on the turntable itself. Both times a Gal showed up with acid. Guilt is obvious.

Sunday Night?

   This whole thing started as a plea for help. Now I am talking about being a Drunk passed out in an alley. It was a Sunday I won't soon forget either. When I left the Bar I slapped a Friend of Mine on the back and said I had to leave due to My babbling. I was'nt saying anything insane, but it was a drunk talking out loud. I know in a City I might have had a problem with the People around Me quick if I did that, I know two of the Boy's at the Bar well and one I feel may be connected with Bill Rowley. Again that is speculation due to the fact that They were working at the Mines together and Hanging out a bit. I could name many People that I would say were involved in My demise. I said before about trying to remember what to wriet,,,,, I had to pee, this is what I came back to. I sure as Hell hope I'm getting through. This is just like work, I deal with Kids all day long. It is so tough to get a Kid to just see what's really going on. I am nearing a serious point in My Life to where I will just give up, "A cry for help!" Hell I'll admit to that. I feel this night should end proper, I am at a loss on the proper words though. These seem appropriate. Bah! I've found better, I just learned to watch My fingers and instead of what typing classes taught Me in junior high. Have a good one is even better.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hopeless attempts

   I at least stayed out from behind the wheel Sunday night, but that does'nt mean I did'nt wind up plastered. I usually stick with beer and known when to go Home. But the other night I met My Bosses Son while at a Bar, I was asked if I wanted a shot. Normally I refuse shots just for the reason I will wind up like I did. I woke up in the alley face down in the snow. What saved My Life is that it has been warm here lately. The Kid at fifty four stills lacks judgement at times, but I knew I would be too drunk to drive when I left the House so I did show some smarts. I woke up Monday with a bruised hip and scratches on My face to remind Me what a Dipshit I am.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another damn Kid!

   Here I am again. I have said before that I had all sorts of crap to say until I logged in and now nothing. I remember one though, this one is sure to shock You too. If I have the year right I was in the third grade. We were in the play ground of the Stanton California school I went to. All of a sudden I saw something I still consider odd. In My mind I was witness to these words. "I looked at Her and saw She was too good for Me, and threw Her back to the Wolves.". There are People that if They admitted to it were there. This Kid had a lot a Girls with Their heads down. The play ground was full of Kids that day, but when I looked around after seeing this There was but one Girl, She was running to get out of sight. This sounds amazing I know, but it's just like when Johnny Carson stopped in the middle of His sentence. Thus proving that Americans are not normal in My eye, Kelly.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Honesty is reality!

  Again no specks Tonight, They're in My truck. Hey! I am speaking to You! In a Grown World You are a Child. I sat this to You People due to the fact that I see very few, and I mean so few it is disturbing, Full Grown Adults in America. The Children will say that I am just saying this to begin with. I am a Person that has since I was three years old witnessed the difference between Young and Old, fact. Again, it is like this crime committed against Me it is unprovable at this point as far as the brain damage caused. But I see things clearer than You realize. Yes I am a screw up, but dammit I never asked for it.