Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Give Me the chance I deserve

   These People are horrible Children and that's all there is to it. I demand a response. I have told You repeatedly how I feel about Them and I play no Kid's game. These People deserve a bullet in the head.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad People that They are.

   I am wondering about the People in charge of this Country. You actually allow this nonsense to continue? Do You want a taste of My anger? The other night I was sitting in a Bar when two Gay Guy's walk in, I went off. I cannot stand those sick People and I will not tolerate Them around Me. I am now 86ed out of My own Cousins Bar, the fist for Me ever. The main reason is I cussed Her out for some crap She pulled to get the Bar. I have some rotten eggs in My Family tree. Enough said for Tonight, I will return.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead to rights

    I have these Fello's looking pretty bad. But yet I suffer with the game They play.


    Well, how is it that Richard Pattison and Bill Rowley are allowed to walk the streets like They were normal. These are not normal People by far. No normal Person would set a Person up with enough acid to cause serious damage to another. Yes I do have brain damage. I'm just damn glad like I said that I did'nt do the ether I was asked to do. Smart? I have never been really intelligent. I Myself am surprised that I had an I.Q. of 165 on the test I was given My senior year in school. I even took one of those computer I.Q. tests, I scored at 135 I believe and I had a slow start. I am the Boss because I am able to do My job faster than a lot of Others out there, and I know how to handle the Boy's on the job too. Well, I just had to say something Today. I am at My wits end trying to take these People down Folks, I am at a point where I really want to end it all but cannot do so.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This stuff smells!

   I write again? With no glasses this time. Dammit, what else can I do? I have been refraining from writing about how these People do what it is that They do, it's boring to Me. All I need is a helping hand to be honest, it's like a saying I heard Years ago "He just needs Someone to pick Him up and dust Him off." and that was from a young Woman. I have a serious question for the youth of America, meaning Anyone under Fifty, do You even look at Yourselves? I do know better than to ask, but You need to be asked. My reasoning? Well Tonight I went to a nearby Bar that serves food, a rarity in Riverton Wyoming too, and while eating I just naturally listen to the People around Me, People are damn lucky I had four Sister's and no Brother's, My temper was put on hold. You People in America like to screw with Other's, grow. Men and Women do not mess with People, WHY ON EARTH DO THEY GO OFF AND KILL YOU? Me? Not even. If I were to go off and become a Murderer Bill Rowley would be My first, that would be easy I know where He is. Bill's the kinda Kid that thinks He's smarter than He is, just like Richard Pattison. I Myself happen to see through the falseness of such People. I may be an Idiot when it comes to love, but dammit I know the difference between maturity and immaturity.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wow, I write this crap.

   For the past two days I have felt so rotten inside hat Life is what is known as a "Drag.". I feel crap because Life is a cruel thing to many. Too rip the heart of a Woman while She cries in pain is devastating. I am the victim of innocence. Hell as Laura Chiles called Me I was happy go lucky, now I feel so God damn bad inside it is amazing I suffer through it. Rough week huh? And to think it's only Monday. The way things are going I wonder about My survival, I was told the other day that I am in charge of the crew. This crew is nothing I want any part of to be honest, a lot of knotheads. I am the only white Person besides the Owner and His Son, it's not a discrimination thing either, the Casino is Arapaho and They require so many White's, that's Me. The Owner told Me They were asking about His White Boss's. Rough job, They already hate this Fool. At least the one's that have been there for years, all of a sudden I'm the Boss. Well, I show up Everyday and on time and I am a Carpenter with more experience. And I have been a Foreman since I was twenty three. Grown Men deal with it even if They don't like it. I sure as Hell care for the situation very little Myself, But I'm kinda stuck where I am for the time being. We'll I have to say, I am smiling right now. Believe it or not this lifted My spirits a bit. Have a good one Folks.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

At least I am honest

   "Honesty is a virtue.", I am disgusted right now at what is taking place. Not only with this crap I write, We are a Country that has many more problems than My own. I really do not see an end to the insurgence of People coming in soon. This is a serious mistake in American history. We allow new blood to enter daily, good and bad. The future holds a mystery as it always will, looking at Ours I am left wondering about the Inhabitants of this land. It truly is depressing.