Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Hell of a Life

   Yes this is a real Life. I am a Person that has been through things very few will ever see. People just like to screw with a Kid like Me. Like the time in Cheyenne a few years back, I spent four months in Jail on an accusation. I was the one that found the discrepancy in the Police report that set Me free. I speak of wanting to take the Lives of these People that tried to utterly destroy My Life because They could, if I were a horrible Person that just wanted to kill Everyone that messed with Me I would have went after that Doctor. I am not sure if I explained what happened then. I called the Police and tried to explain about Richard Pattison and that I wanted to go to the mental institute so I could prove My sanity, I was drunk. After sitting in the E.R. for some time I sobered up a bit and decided I was going to leave. Two Male Nurses grabbed Me when I sat up and told Them I just wanted to go. They forced Me down and tied Me to the table I had been lying on. They left Me there for a long spell too. When the Police finally arrived They told Them I had hit the Doctor. In the Police report I had kicked Her on Her right side. Then when I read what She had said I supposedly kicked Her on the left side. Luck? I have none known as good.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How does a Fella win?

   In all seriousness I really do need to ask how to win. I show My ignorance daily Folks. Today I was told by the Owner of the company to attend a business luncheon, where I did fine. But afterwards I was talking to one of the representatives for one of the Subs and said something like, 'We was' where it should have been without saying We were. You work with People They rub off in My case. It's a 'Rez' thing to say aintit, and that is not a typo. Aintit is the way it sounds. All this proves is that I am a slow Person to People hearing it. Which in turn says it all, I am what I am. Richard Pattison knew this too and used it to His advantage. They knew I was too dumb to say no to the drugs I was being set up with. Again, the first time I did it there was music set up right where I would find it, very obvious looking back now. Another thing is that the only way into the building where I lived was through a security door, Freda knocked on My door when She brought the acid by. And now They are allowed to mess with Me? No true Adult would allow such nonsense. It is no wonder that People in the World want to kill Americans. No joke Folks, I moved out of the Cities due to the way things are going. Wake Your asses up!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


   As I said Yesterday it is nearing four whole years since I started this. A lot has happened in the World and America since then, it just shows how rapidly things happen. Like when I met Nancy, I went from a Kid that was brave enough with the Women to get phone numbers but now I shy away from fear of rejection and knowing I have the ability to scar Women with My screw up way. Their are People out there that willingly try to do harm to Others because They think They're right. Look around and see the craziness going on Today. They are actually trying to change Christmas even, leave People be. It's a Child's holiday for Christ sake, leave it be. In America We are supposed to have the right to believe in what We want, being it Atheism, Christianity, or even the Muslim beliefs We are supposed to accept it. But when You seek out ways to destroy the other You are not welcome in the eyes of America as a whole. I understand that I cannot speak for Everyone, but I know People and most just want to leave People alone. For years I have heard that "People just don't want to get involved" that allows the rotten ones to do more because of that attitude. I told You tat I saw on Americas most wanted an attempted armed robbery of an armored truck, the composite drawings were the exact match to three People I know in Texas. The guard got the jump on Them and jumped into the truck and They sped off. John Lucas owned at the time the exact gun They were using too, a mini m-14. He looked even in the re enactment to be shooting above the heads of the Guards, which would be John. I never said anything because They did'nt get away with any money and did'nt kill Anyone, I was wrong to do so. I even told John His face matched the drawings, as did Rodney Douglas and Tim Pruedom's. I was working for Lucas acouple years later when My lug nuts became loosened, that was when I called the F.B.I. in Austin and left a message about Them. They don't deserve to walk around free but I allowed it, never again.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Almost four years now

   It seems I am shunned. That People don't even give a damn about Me.

Friday, December 12, 2014


   I really have no respect for the title, it is disrespectful. No Man needs, nor is told such things. The problem is, I need to get My point across. I am crying My heart out heart. I admit to My faults People. I have told You about crawling into bed with a Girl after Bill Rowley and Ralph McMillan had had Their way with Her. The thing I recently thought about is this, I undressed crawled into bed, was accepted, and then She said, "Oh, You're not Bill!", and then I left the room. As I said before the Kid was there the next day lounging all over Me. When I just sat there She thanked Me and left. A set up? I insist that this Bill Rowley Kid was no Friend. Anybody that would set up a Friend that would go out of His way to help a Friend is no Friend at all, fact. I cry due to My Life, while They enjoy the spoils. Again I say, no Man would allow Their game. I told My Sister that Bill would be lucky if I did'nt shoot Him. I really do doubt My Families sincerity, Kelly.

Tweet 1000

   I said the Boss , George is a Man, I was wrong. This seventy year old screws with People. I understand that He has an agenda, but to lie to His Foreman's to create turmoil? It has been a few months since He told Me and another top Carpenter that We are about to be run off due to the lack of progress. The when alone He tells Me He's just pushing the Crew. Folks I live in a community where rumors abound. George is known and respected here. I have felt the feelings coming from the Person next to Me, a Native American that kept trying to but Me drinks Tonight, that I felt when I was robbed in Louisiana, I turned down drinks. There may be no connection between Richard Pattison and this, but money talks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Age is catching up

   My body aches are showing My age. My Chiropractor told Me in '94 or so that I have arthritis in My lower back, now My fingers hurt like Hell was or twice a month to the point I can't grasp anything. What I am saying here is that I am running out of gas. From what I am seeing now I was supposed to be the one that was helped out in Life. If You knew the Foley Boy's You'd agree they are too much of a waste to offer anything to, but I can gaurantee Richard Pattison would do so. It is an odd Person this Richard, and very undeserving. I was just some Kid They knew They could walk all over and They did so. Those are the types of People that deserve nothing less than a good ass kicking. I hope to Hell They get Theirs soon because I am tired of it all.