Friday, November 21, 2014


   Hey! I completely understand what is going on in the World. I lie. If I had complete comphrehension? Hell I'm lost. Nancy put Me on My ear, fact, same as Sheila. This gives cause to mess with Me in the mind of Richard. I have to reiterate from the previous evening, I accused Garth Yeates of a connection, that Boy has done some growing, I cannot see Him as a vicious soul. I am His, around fourth in command, Boss. Garth is a realist so far. The others I mention?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yes I am honest

  Who would believe a Guy that say He was set up with His own Playboy. The proof is out there. It is buried deep.

I am dangerous

   The title speaks it all.

Full Grown

   Excuse the writing Tonite, My glasses are at the job site. Everything's a bit blurry. I wonder about the Company I even work for to tell the truth. Here I am the assistant Superintendent on the job, I feel I am unworthy. There are others that have been with the Company for years. The thing is, most of these Fools seem to not give a damn, and They have held Their jobs for years. I worked for a Company a long time ago named Style Homes, My Boss worked there too, along with a lot of Friends of Richard Pattison, Bill Rowley and many others. What bothers Me is the fact that these People are worthless in My eye, but still have Their jobs. I would have fired half the crew. I have seen John Lucas do that exact thing in Virginia, what a difference it made. It seems to be a joke to the American Public that I am this Person, do You People completely understand that We are under attack due to You arrogance. Good God! I put it writing right here adn now, I would shoot Richard Pattison in the face and end His Life if I knew where He was Today. Mark Schosta is added to the list of Cronies. If I missed spelled the last name. He works for the local gas company. I do see there game, "We work and earn Our money.".  Me? Screw Kelly

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Western way

   I am truly surprised at how some Americans think. I was working in Indianapolis with a crew out of Texas. I was the framing Super for the first time then, that was in 1987. I also was doing some sub contract work on the Job. All of a sudden this Kid working for Me asked, "What part of Texas is Wyoming in anyways?", I told Him He was fired, that I did'nt want some Dumbass working for Me. I actually had yo explain where Wyoming is. The moral of the story is, I aint the only Dipshit in America.

Good Morning

   I had to write this while it's still fresh in My mind. I think I finally figured out why My Sister Lois was a vicious little Girl. We were at a Cousins house when one of the Sheila Walthers said She was going to beat My little Sister up. It was a reaction to grab Her and pull Her away. What happened was I fell backwards on the bed and Penny, My Sister, was on top of Me. Before I could let Her go She was hit in the stomach a few times. She was lucky I did have a hold of Her, Her muscles were pulled tight and it did'nt knock the wind out of Her. Hell I was trying to protect the Kid.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Mean People suck."

   Finishing Yesterdays topic. This same Person kept up with His crap. I held Myself together when He started more crap too, I felt like chopping Him in the throat.