Friday, October 24, 2014

I am read?

   I am appreciative when I see that Someone is actually reading this stuff. I am an honest hard working stiff and I have really lived this mess. I see more then a lot of the Kids when it comes to Grown Adults, but I have to admit I don't know jack to be truthful. The feelings are rare too be straight up. It can be years between seeing a Full Grown feeling emit from a Human. I know there are many People out there that will understand what I am saying too. I want so bad, and this is from the heart, for the Youth of the World to see Grown. When You do You change, and this is a known fact from People ahead of You. A Young Man's feeling can confuse the Young, "I feel like a Man, I am Grown.", but in reality You have just cracked the egg, it needs some cooking before it's fried. Call Me a Liar and You'll show Your youth to be sure. For I learned things so long ago You would be amazed. Things like I have mention before, such as, "I'm the first one to admit to it.", "Face up to the facts of Life.", "Childish nonsense.", "God Damn Kid's!", and so much more it would astonish the Youth. My name is Kelly and I speak out, grab a hold of what I say.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slow Sucker.

  Depends? Yes I am about to buy some. Here I sit talking to a Woman, one I do not remember meeting even though She knew Me, Damn Drunk again, when I have to pee. Well in this Bar there is only a one stool restroom, I have done the pee dance there before too. I really had no inclination to be romantic, but Dammitt when You pee Your pants You leave the Bar anyhow. That My Friends is exactly ow My Life is. What really bothers Me is that I am supposed to live a different life Than I do, and these People turned Me into what I am. I admit to being a dumb Kid and breaking Nancy's heart without even understanding I was doing so, which in the eyes of a normal Human would be enough to seek justice for the crime's committed......... Kelly Here saying this is absurd to allow these People. I have had just about enough, I really want to kill these Bastards.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


   My God, I try again. If People that know Me knew what the Hell I am doing Here They would look at Me a bit different for damn sure. But I must continue. Do You understand that I was set up for a fall from the beginning? This Richard Pattison is so arrogant He sees Himself as untouchable. A fact is a fact, no Man would do, nor would He allow such nonsense. What I see Myself as here is a joke to Richard, that pisses Me off more than a normal Person could realize. I see Myself as a Moron, because I am one People. Nancy? God that hurts. But it proves the Boy was blind as a Child, I am still a bit near sighted. But Hey, the bad Boy's win because Children think it's cool, grow the fuck up. I do understand that My manner of bringing this to Your attention may have something to do with My being ignored, but dammit I am pissed. Do Your God Damn job and bring these Assholes down. Kelly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Give Me the chance I deserve

   These People are horrible Children and that's all there is to it. I demand a response. I have told You repeatedly how I feel about Them and I play no Kid's game. These People deserve a bullet in the head.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad People that They are.

   I am wondering about the People in charge of this Country. You actually allow this nonsense to continue? Do You want a taste of My anger? The other night I was sitting in a Bar when two Gay Guy's walk in, I went off. I cannot stand those sick People and I will not tolerate Them around Me. I am now 86ed out of My own Cousins Bar, the fist for Me ever. The main reason is I cussed Her out for some crap She pulled to get the Bar. I have some rotten eggs in My Family tree. Enough said for Tonight, I will return.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead to rights

    I have these Fello's looking pretty bad. But yet I suffer with the game They play.


    Well, how is it that Richard Pattison and Bill Rowley are allowed to walk the streets like They were normal. These are not normal People by far. No normal Person would set a Person up with enough acid to cause serious damage to another. Yes I do have brain damage. I'm just damn glad like I said that I did'nt do the ether I was asked to do. Smart? I have never been really intelligent. I Myself am surprised that I had an I.Q. of 165 on the test I was given My senior year in school. I even took one of those computer I.Q. tests, I scored at 135 I believe and I had a slow start. I am the Boss because I am able to do My job faster than a lot of Others out there, and I know how to handle the Boy's on the job too. Well, I just had to say something Today. I am at My wits end trying to take these People down Folks, I am at a point where I really want to end it all but cannot do so.