Monday, July 28, 2014

Crazy shit

   When I say crazy shit I am talking about how these People are, They're knutts to do what They do. Myself? Hell I've told You how bizarre My life has been. Honesty is a great thing to be able to have on My side, it makes Me feel good inside to know that I am not a Liar. I hate the way People are around Me. I hear Them say things where I can hear Them but not quite to My face, and You wonder why the World dislikes You? "Kelly weird.", I heard quite a bit at the disc golf course I played at in Austin. It sounds weird to Me that You would say such a thing too. At the Bar I frequent I can hear Them say, "He's strange.", People do not underestimate Me. I am a non violent Person but if I am pushed to the brink I could kill You easily without even thinking about My actions. I am keeping My senses about Me when it comes to this Richard Pattison and Bill Rowley enough that I am not going on the hunt for Their lives. Again I say this in order for You to see how mad I am about this whole affair. And if You think I am playing a game You are sadly mistaken.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Take a good look

   I am a Victim here dammit! I want no more than any Human on Earth, justice. The saddest part of being a Human, especially in America it seems, is that People don't give a damn. "That's the trouble with Kid's now a days, They just don't give a damn.", reality.


   Here I am as an honest Bastard?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The real Kelly McGill

  Here I am sitting at the Rocky Mountain, My local bar, and some Kid wants to talk to Me. I saw Her walk in with two Male Peoples. The next thing I know is that I am accosted by Her Herself, after Her Friends left Her alone. I was unable to hear Her and I moved a Bar stool closer. After some time of listening to a lost conversation a Gentleman walks up and asks if He can sit next to His Wife. The People involved?  I again say that I am non violent Person, but holy crap I wanted to fight so bad I was shaking. The best I could do was to warn the Bar. I will admit though that I wanted the violence head on too. I sat there and said out lud what I thought of Her, which is Knutts. I am an honest S.O.B. and I cannot explain it any plainer. If I were a hard Ass? I would have challenged these People straight out. What I did was to tell Them out loud in an abnormal manner to go fuck Themselves. I admit it is unusual too. These People though are unusual to Me though, even though it is considered Normal. Grow the Fuck up.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ten veiws a day?

  If all I can achieve is ten People a day looking at this crud then I am doing good. People I am a Heart breaker, and that sucks. Ask Nancy or Sheila either one and You'd receive the same answer, "Kelly could'nt do a thing.". I hate to put it quotation marks due to the fact that I have never heard Them say these word, but I feel these Two more than You could understand. I suck at being a Human and that's a fact for damn sure, but I sure as Hell did not need the help of My close Friends to set Me up with a mind altering. Good Gravy!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

10002 looks?

   I wanted to so badly to be a Kid when I hit this number, proof reading I wonder about what I just wrote. The facts are, I have actually matured in the past three years. I understand that it may not show to You, but I see the difference. For one, and this was not thought out, Bill Rowley lives. People, I am a messed up life in reality. The only thing I do having going for Me is My ability to bust My ass. Without mistakes I have been moved up in some serious Companies too. Don St. Germains is a small one except in southern Cals. eyes. But Merick Bros. is a National Company. I messed up with each of these and a few others too, but They are the most powerful I can think of. I now see an opportunity to advance beyond Employees with vast experience compared to Myself, That oughta piss 'em off, We'll see. No Bull from this Kid though, I will push the Kid known as Myself. What follows is whatever They accept. In short, They hate it when a fresh face comes aboard and gets promoted. I push as lightly as a Nun too.

Kelly McGill

   I have tried to the point of absurdness on this. What is the problem with taking these People down? This Richard Pattison finds My life to be a joke, no Man would do such a thing, and no Man would allow it. I know My Family would have Me committed if I were acting like They do, it is not normal to do what He does. I am the Victim here, not the Boy that set out to mess up a Human life. I want justice so bad I hate what it has done to My life, I have to write about it too find a means of d taking these Boy's down and that is pathetic.