Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The stages of Life

   I see Myself as a Youngster going through the phases of Life. I actually want to talk to You People in a rational manner. Not only for the fact that it will attract Your attention, but I do see Myself. Here I am a "Clod" on the Planet, Damn it. I am a Victim of innocence to say the least. I was slack jawed looking at Sheila, and the truth is the only difference between that and the look I showed Nancy was the dropped jaw. It is a painful Life Folks.

A Life, Mine.

   This is absurd. I continue to talk about how these People are guilty, but no justice. I do understand, and want You to know the same, that it takes time. At an early age I stared at Sheila, My future Wife, with My jaw dropped. She is honest, She will say I did so. Just as Nancy would say I stared at He body in '82. I have to push the issue that I am an ignorant Child that took a thump on the head at the age of two that triggered something. It is not all as bad as it seems, I see beyond many. But yet?

Monday, November 24, 2014

As I learn

  I see Myself as a Child to this day, and I am fifty four years old. I completely understand that Men respect Men, and I am a Child in Their eyes, therefore a Human being unworthy. If I had control over My Life I would shock most of You with My feelings beyond Your realm of understanding. I just wish You could see beyond Your youth, You would be amazed. I Myself truly want to speak to You as a Full Grown Man, it is beyond My ability, for I am just a Kid. Hardships change a Kid, I have had it tough, but not tough enough to make Me a Man. What I have to say Tonight is, if You disrespect My honesty and honor these People You are an innocent Child in the first place. I do not laugh at this Life, I live through Hell. To be honest I am trying to be more of an Adult from here on out, such is My growth. Kelly.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I nearly forgot

 I had to come back Tonight just for this. Hey, I am a Loser. I ran into a Kid I know in Town here, He had two Gal's with Him. After talking to Him for a spell I turned to talk with one of the Girls, The reaction I received was disgusting, I can only explain it by saying She had a look that read, "You're  a piece of dirt.", the sad thing is I have seen this numerous times over the years. I Myself, I walked away. Girls, there are those that would stalk You and kill Your arrogant behinds. Kelly McGill is not one. Nancy's look was nowhere near this hard, but She had a hard look, right before She fell in love with a Kid.

Hide the facts

   I am so honest I say I jacked off in front of Laura Chiles. Excuse the blatantness it is rude. In fact I even excuse Myself when I cuss in front of Women. Bill Rowley would be an excellent Witness to My manner years ago, I cussed rarely. Now? I have a foul mouth to an extent.  Hey, there are married Gal's around town chasing Me, and yet I sleep alone. Does this tell You I am a Dip shit or what, there is one that has been trying to seduce Me for years around here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I am at loss

  I was blind sided, and now it's funny? In reality I can see My own Boss, Garth Yeates, laughing at Me. I said I trust Him but I wonder. Here  am the Boss of a Job I know nothing about, I feel I am being set up for a fall. I Myself know that I will screw up, just how big? I have the shot. There are Employees ahead of Me that I would have put in charge, They seem to have a care less then a Man. What am I involved with. I am scared I am set up for a fall Myself. Most of You need to understand, this is a very small town, less than 11,000 reside here. It would be easy to spread the wealth and hide the facts. I fear that My own Family is involved.


  I play no Kid's game in the first place. "There's always someone else that has it tougher Then You.", Tonight I saw such a Person. I was watching a show where a Woman was continuously raped by a Doctor, She shot Him. The next move was She was sent to the electric chair. After months in Prison She went insane. therefore She was sent to the institute. I saw Myself as having it easy compared. The show had Others, after watching I felt Their feeling, Personally. Murder is a reality People, what scares Me is that I have the same feelings after watching such shows. When You feel this You sense People watching You too.