Friday, April 18, 2014

Well? What can I do about it?

  I am so sick and tired of this whole affair, but I have a choice to make here, either quit and forgive Them, or carry on. I Myself prefer to bring down these Assholes. I say I am a messed up life because of these Fools, it is a fact. I never once said anything about finding any acid and getting high. It is amazing how They can get away with setting Me up with enough drugs to sin My life out of control and get away with it. When I say out of control I mean it too. I have spent years with a mind that wanders and it all was caused by these People thinking They could do what They were doing. When I look at My life and how They set My mind on firs I am infuriated to say the least. There is not a Man on the face of the Earth that would not want to kill a Person if They purposely tried to destroy Your mind, admit to it. I have said it before, I have something to live for. One thing is that I know in My heart that a Woman will come into My life and I will finally be Man enough to stand by Her side. I am moving up in a company pretty fast actually, so soon I will be able to treat a Gal right. I saved three hundred bucks last week, and with Today's paycheck I have a little under a thousand in My wallet. I need to but a few furniture items and My house is furnished, I look forward to being able to eat at a kitchen table for a a change. It is a far cry from living in a tent I have to admit. Kids, push Yourselves into a better position in life, just don't drive Yourselves to the brink of disaster by doing so. There are plenty of opportunities for a Person with a positive attitude and a desire to move forward. Just be like Me and get pissed off and move on too easy. I have had My share of opportunities with some big time companies and pissed it down My leg, learn from My mistakes instead of making Your own. Really, Kelly McGill.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Too much Bull

  I have one for You. I was a Contractor in central Texas for around thirteen years. I had a knack for digging up the jobs when Nobody else could. My biggest problem the last few years of ding this work was stepping out of one job and going directly onto another. It never failed when I finished a job I would be promised work within a few weeks, that always turned into around three months. I would just get Me head above water and have to fall back into debt . I would wind up having enough pawn tickets to break most Folks before I got back on My feet. There comes a long a job where You can really get it going. And then another. I have had this happen too. I had a job where I could make $500. a day and not even try. I Partnered up with a Friend because He knew as much as Myself and felt better about it. Well, as soon as this job started I was asked to go to Louisiana and do an identical job with the same pay. I had visions of really getting it going for damn sure. My mistake was I am too trusting. I told My Partner to just take over the job and pay Me $100. per floor, He would make $400. and it was easy. When I asked about the money when He never paid any I was told I was being greedy. Hell I could have paid the Boy hourly and made a killing. Then when I started the job in Lafayette I could see right away how this Boy was going to be. He was a sub from the People We were doing the other job on and I could tell right off He was going to screw Me on My pay so I made damn sure I never turned any draws worth anything. Not worth anything? I was still drawing $1,500. a week and practically doing nothing. When it came time for My last check I had to draw blood nearly to get paid. I called that Boy so many times He still hates Me for sure. There are a lot of People that make it rich off of Their help by not paying Them, welcome to the real World.

A Madman

  The one thing I truly have to say is this. Yes I did the drugs. And yes I thought I was cool. But Who set it up so I would be so high I would never be the same again? Purposely changing a mind. I do understand that I have no proof, but I can say for a fact that Richard Pattison is the one in charge of the whole plot. Bill Rowley is nothing more than a boot licker . People I am an innocent Kid. Even tonight I went to a local Tavern I frequent. There is one of those Boy's sitting next to Me that You can just that tell He can take care of Himself, and it makes Me feel like a Retarded Kid. I can tell that They see it to and are watching Me, but hey that's My life I'm used to it. Again, I did do the drugs, but Goddammit, I was set up with enough L.S.D. to burn out any Human mind, fact. I am at the end of My road soon if nothing gets done, I have no retirement, so I am looking at the end of My life. One thing for damn sure, I would end another if it came down to it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School Boy charm

   Here I am sitting in at Gators in Ueless Texas when I hear this Fool behind Me Saying, "Go home school Boy!", over and over. I finally turned around and saw these Gals sitting there at a table. What did They do turn His sorry ass down? I don't give a damn if They were even interested in this Fool here, for I do not even care for casual sex. Of course I want to be with a Woman, but I do not even want to be with a loose Girl. And that My Friends is the way I stay. Kevin Childers asked Me what it is I want in life, I may have explained this before, and I told Him because it pissed Me off, 'I'm choosie.'. My main problem is that I really don't like a lot of People, and I do refuse to be even around Someone I don't like, be it Male or Female. The only thing I have going for Me is I will never be a Molester or a Fag, and that I have confidence in. Other then that? I just want what I lost. I know this sounds bizarre, and actually it is abnormal, but love does strange things to a Guy. I have heard it said that when You lose the one You love that You just don't want Anybody else even in Your life, and that is exactly how My life has been for the past thirty plus years. "Life sours some People.", and that is a fact.

This Carpenter right here.

   I did good for a change, I did'nt fuck anything up. I designed and built some trusses that will be wrapped in oak and got them set without any mistakes at all. That's damn good for this space case Kid. Man I used to screw stuff up. I'm glad I stopped smoking that marijauna crap. It was a put Me in the mood deal for years. I would'nt feel like even trying and burn a joint and tear up the World that's what it did to Me. Then there's that meth crap, all I could do when I tried that was spin My wheels. I hav'nt touched any of that in so long I could'nt really say how long it's been. As far as Cocaine it's been around seven years. At least I'm keeping away from the garbage in the World. And that sure as Hell makes Me feel good inside. I won't pat Myself on the back too hard, but I will hold My head up. You Folks have a great night will Ya, Kelly.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I am not even sure if My writings were allowed out tonight. What does it matter? No one really gives a damn anyhow.

Sorry ass Kid

   If Anyone has read this for long I do not need to explain what it is I am trying to achieve, but if You're new I have to explain Myself. I am what is known as a slow Boy. I have been so shocked by Women that I live in misery. I am an honest Person to say the least. There is a Person out there that is allowed to mess with My life and it seems I can do nothing about it. This Richard Pattison Kid thinks He's one smooth Man, and His sidekick Bill Rowley is no better. I am sincere when I say that there have been a number of attempts on My pathetic life too. As I have stated I have been shot at, and a Kid has tried to hit Me in the back of the head with His framing axe. I really cannot stand the fact that I have to sit here and complain about My life in order to bring down some Kid for F'ing with My life, but Goddammit I am so pissed off I want to take a life. Get it straight, NOW!