Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At least I have a heart and try.

   I did glimpse a brief section at the end of My latest whatever You call it Tonite, when I log in there it is. I really am honest when I say this has an adverse effect on a Persons Life. I as I write am really doing so with a drudgery. Even though, if You can't tell, I get a kick out of being able to write it. Sometimes it may be melodramatic, or even Earnest Hemingway gone off on the computer. But whatever it is that I've discovered on the Web is an outlet for My grief, it sure as Hell don't hurt to get it off My shoulders for damn sure. The Computer? It is so amazing. Well? What else could a Guy with such a screwy Life do? Murder? Oh Hell Kid's I go to Jail if I ran into these Kids and that is a fact. I heard Pattison was in San Francisco but thought just maybe I'd run into Him. Even though, knowing Mr. Pattison and if He is living large I knew He'd be no where around L.A. with Me around if He's got any hint of this Kid talking about Him and just keeping an eye out for Him. For those that are reading this I wish to inform You I do understand My rights as a Human Being in the United States of America. I hurt a Boy that charged Me When I was three years old. A snap kick right under the nose. Bill Rowley charged Me after starting a fight in the same manner when I was twenty, the guitar I used was resting on the ground, My hands were a blur, no shit. I said before, Bill and Richard, along with Ken Scribner, John Guthrie and numerous other, not to mention the Slattery Brothers were there when I stopped Bill Slattery in His tracks after confronting Him over some money. These People knew that I had a defence that I can only explain in simple terms, shock. I played Pitcher for the Wakeham Warriors in the sixties, no shit, and after Who knows maybe My tenth pitch I get a line drive that would have a set Me straight on what a smack in the face is with a real jolt of reality, I caught it right in front of My face. Me? I tossed the ball to the nearest Kid around and told the right Fielder I was now playing out field. These Kids knew I am a Person not to be messed with, and I was a Nineteen year old Baby in reality when They decided it was Their job to alter My life. Why on Earth would You allow such arrogance to be so blatantly strewn about like it was an Adult? Forgive the wind bag tonite.           

Monday, August 25, 2014


   I prefer this method of getting out there. I just read My tweets as They are called, over zealous just a touch. I really just wanted to brag, I personally am going to be the first Wyoming Lottery Winner seeing as We ow have it Here. I have hit with My system all of the numbers just not all in the same line. Wish Me luck for I of all People need it. And I do gratefully  accept any prayers too. You have to admit it to Yourself, any Kid that innocent, so innocent that He becomes lost and hurting bad inside because of the love of a beautiful Woman, beyond His expectations in the first place to boot. Does the Kid deserve a shot? I feel I am decent enough Person to and that is My personal opinion.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I bore You?

   Do You understand that People look the other way and allow People to be hurt? They are People that are either screwy, or They're scared. Where do You fit in? Me? I tried to hit a Guy in the head with a screw driver after He raped a Friend of Mine. I told You about it. When We went down the road that He was seen running He pulled out and gunned it seeing Us. We knew the area there was only one road, this was Him. He picked up speed the whole distance too. I'd hate to guess the speed He was going over a football field later when I was  about ten feet from His bumper and still standing there in the middle of the street like it was nothing. Hey, I have two Witnesses to prove that I did side step His ass and hit the window at temple height, that part is My word alone being so close. I jumped from a stand still from the middle of a narrow two lane . I was flying backwards too. Hey! I can, do and will back Folks up in the World if need be. Just do the same for those that deserve. All I ask is for the proper growth to be induced in America, Kid's like this Pattison would be run over by Adults. Now is as an important time as any ever seen before in the eyes of Man, any Man, for You to get Your act together and see what in the Hell is actually going on. Now is not Tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blue collar Fool.

   In My Life I continue to be astounded with My opportunities. I am standing there and talking to The Foreman on the Crew when the Owner of the Company drives up. We are looking at a project that I Myself Fucked up, a big one yet small. To elaborate We are working on a roof I Myself have never rough cut before nor had the Bosses on the Job. I cut it on a 3/12 roof pitch and fit 'er in. I had to meet  People at the job I was finishing that day and left after lunch or I would have saw I was in the wrong soon and fixed it. That left the second in command for the Company and another damn good Carpenter to figure out what in the Hell I just did. After I came back Yesterday We were spinning. George said go to the other end, and even mentioned how I was out  of plump too. It is a mind bender until You set it on the walls right, then You say O.K. because of the simplicity. To a Carpenter out there I have these words of wisdom. If You have a roof on a 3/12 pitch with a four foot overhang? Just look at it as a floor system with a four foot canterlever. Then set it on a rake and You got it. Four days. Finally the Foreman running the job figured it out after We had ran one full area. It was luckily an easy fix at a small cost. My last job before the one prior to this I cut in a roof with six different roof pitches, I still have the blueprints. Normally there are drawings that are for specific areas to help the Tradesmen, We get kinda disconboobuliated quite often. I even explained what We had been up too to the Boss and He still out in front of Everybody there that He wanted Me as His Boss over all jobs. After He left I pulled Marty, Georges Brother Our Foreman, over to the side. After I told Him that I consider Him the Boss He told to go for it. That is a serious job for a Dummy. Hell, I am telling You all of this to show that I am not a complete Moron. Around fifth or sixth in command for a general contractor is impressive. But I know My real job, to be around when Guys are screwing off, I'll be good at it too. His payroll is getting too high and He said He is getting to that point. Sad thing about the situation is that George has the Labor and They have a way of stretching out breaks and lunch, I'll keep a serious eye on it too. Bonuses are earned.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A different veiw from one to the next.

   I just glanced at what I wrote last night and was reminded of others in My recent past that have been leaning towards very outrageous. The thing is, they came back as I looked at it. I had been thinking about some of the things I say, but remember one thing, I admitted before that I read Them later and find Them offensive Myself quite often. Hey! The truth is, Happy Hour can create a Monster. If I go drinking I live within walking distance to all the Bars in this Town. Some? A serious walk, but a Cab home is around ten bucks. Happy Hour? Yep. Ya stop off to at least get to know People, sitting at Home is what drives 'em knutts. And the way that modern People mingle in society is what People accept, Me? I were a Dummy to an extent. Grown! Me? Hell, "If You need to ask Nobodies gonna tell You!"......... Damn!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Hey, You want'a buy some acid?"

 Me being asked is serious too Me Personally. I was pretty stoned when this Playboy was handed to Me. I really Was awake for Friday, Saturday, and half a Day on Sunday. Even Monday, when I know now that I was being messed with, I could feel the effects at Work all day. You do not allow this to happen. A Fact is a serious matter and I speak of one. Without, I say again, the affidavits from those hiding in Their past I have not a lick of proof. Damn. I live. I hate it but I do. Suicide right now? No There's too much crap to see at this point in American History to run off and not see if I can't lend a hand toward defending the righteous innocent involved without Their consent. Yes, it is a cruel thing to look at. But truly imagine living in a War torn area.  With death ambient daily I would be as an American wanting to, You can read My thoughts I am sure. Another Patriot from within a Land has spoken! Hey, that does not say I want to go off on Our own. It would be ugly if some People could achieve Their agenda. That is what I fear. If They started Today, 2114, 9:45 Here, We'd be toast. The Cities are sitting Ducks. If You are an easy going Person , the Type that would run, just get the Hell to the rear. I sure as Hell would leave any City I were in if Violence were running at the scale of an all out War. Do You want Them to Kill You? No You do not. You are not the front line Human at this point in Your Life. Pull back and fight another Day. And Any Human Being on the face of the Planet known as Earth goes around trying to Kill the type of Humans I speak of in little story here? If You really need to ask?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

2000 and what?

    I am at a loss at what I really had to blab about, by the time the engine gets warm it's too late to remember, "Old Fucker!", Yea I be gettin' there. Do You really want to see how a retarded spaced out Kid is? My whole plan when I logged on was thought out no less than twice. I was going to be  Radical about America being overrun due to Our easy way. Hey that's a fault. You are too easy to just say, "I'm nice.", which is so lovable about America. But Hey! They are Here to Kill!!!!