Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mature Smature!

  Man Sman! Dammit. I have one thing going for Me in My life, My ability to turn heads. As I said I am now making $2.00 an hour more than two weeks ago. That in itself speaks for itself. I have been, as I have said before, the Foreman since I was twenty three. I hope the age is right. I am now fifty five and running a job for a General Contractor, My first. The difference is, You need to know it all. I feel like a Rookie out there. I am dumb founded quite often when asked questions that I know nothing about. My reasoning behind this is that I am not a total Dummy, Retardation is part of Everybody's life. I see it in Others quite often Myself. What gives a Person a right to screw with a slow Person? You have no right in actuality, a fact is a fact. Grown Smrown Dammit!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Damn Kd Anyhow!

   Unbelievable is that I have earned a one dollar raise in each of the last two weeks.  Today when I called in time I was told that I am now making $18. an hour. The saddest part is that I was regretting Life minutes before. Hey Kid!!! Never give up!!!! We'll see what the future hold aye? Don't laugh at the plight of Others, and remember to keep it cool without the use of hard drugs, for real. Kelly.

I am Human.

   What I have to say Tonight should in actuality cause a War. "Remember the Alamo!". Sirs, We have thee most disturbing Children on the face of the Earth. Look at Your actions Kiddos. Of course the Majority are no Killers and such, which makes Them acceptable. But Hey! There are those that want You dead for Your Lives being what They are. What I mean is, They hate You for being the Bastards Ya are! Which in Laymen's terms means that They are out to take Us down for just being American's, fact. In My mind They are Idiots.  And that My Friends is a fact of Life that You, not Me need to grow into. America? Today? We are being overrun!. And I am being tacky by even saying that People like this Richard are the cause.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Here I sit all broken hearted!"

   Do You really want to know Me personally? Well Here I am. I have as of Tonight named a number of drinks. I had People getting involved at the Bar too. A screwdriver is an effective way to catch a buzz. They have screwdriver Fridays where I go. Well, why not a phillips head. or a torques head. The Electric screw driver? A.K.A. the Screwgun. I even asked Jessi one of the Bartenders about that one and She knew the recipe. I came up with the one with a mixture of Champayne, if spelled right. The idea is that the screwdriver stays the same with a slash of this and that. A Mexican screwdriver obviously has tequila or a Jalepeno involved. A British Screwdriver? Make Your own recipes. I stick to beer, but the possibilties.

An official complaint

 Geico? "A Loner's got too stay a Loser." He says just before He rides off on a Horse. Leaving Her on Her knees in pain. This after I have told of My Life doing just exactly that in Public in the year of 1982. Forgive Me Nancy for losing My mind. You are fact of Life has has My hands shaking while I write. These People think that Her pain is a joke by doing this. I find no humor in such matters. This Person I hurt is an Adult and that is known as a fact of Life, if You insult Her You insult every Mature Human on Earth. That is a disgusting display of Childish, and just flat out mean, immature thing You could do. You have no respect and are indecent in Your actions. "Can't Ya tell? the Boy's love struck.". "You insult Grown Men.", "And then They expect to be called Grown.", "The Kid can shave, now He's a Man.", Hell I know al  sorts a sayings ment to change Children in America for a few years. I want these Boy's as bad as It sounds. A.S. Marshal a new would know of Me. The one I met in Cheyenne Wyoming I told straight to Him, 'Would You believe Me if I said I was being messed with on the Television?', His response was, "If You tell Me so.". I am not joking about any of this nonsense. This is a Coward to do the things He does. An example is in order, and I goal in My scheme here is to do just that. If this Kid wants to be a Public figure in this manner then I must do what I can to expose who this rotten Child is. My Life is a disfuntional on to begin with in life, a Child such as this? Richard knows all too well to never see Me again, and now He has insulted the Woman I hurt bad. You are a disgrace Mr. Pattison! "And I use the term Mr. loosly.". You are no sort of Gentleman to dishonor Her feelings in this commercial You laugh with. I have said enough. This Person personally, Richard Pattison. Born in 1960 in the same Hospital I was in that same year, Riverton Memorial Hospital was tore down Years back now. I think I'm only a week are so older then this Child. He went through His Junior year in the Riverton Wyoming, Fremont County school district #25. Me and Richard would be in three years books together and I never met Him until the Summer of Our Senior year. He ran away from Home because His Dad was'nt very proud of Him by the way He was treated. One argument was that Richard was'nt allowed to get a Drivers licence. Me? I'm the one that should have been told no. Had more speeding tickets than I can recall before I graduated High School. And working at Pizza Hut You knew by word of mouth where the Keggers were. What  a Bum this Pattison is, a Dirty Rat.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


   Hey I am here and I am real. In actuality I typing faster than ever Tonite due to My being on the web so much, But that has no bearing on this subject. My name is Kelly John McGill, with a mick at the beginning of MickGill, I was born in 1960 so They say. If You were to check the hospital record from I believe 1962 in Lander Wyoming You will find a report of a two year old falling and landing on His noggen. If You were to follow through and look at live T.V. with Craig Furguson and Johnny Carson, You will see strange People saying things out loud. I cannot prove the Playboy, it being an item I cannot produce. I cannot even prove that I walked into the Marriott Hotel in Austin Texas in 1980. All I really can prove is that Sheila would back Me up. I know Sheila Griffin well enough though that She would stand in a court of law and tell You straight to Your face that I stood with a dropped jaw and looked at Her from Her toes all the way to Her neck, again the door blocked My view of Her face or We would have been married, Sheila had love in Her eyes Folks.  I ate My life. Shit like this is My life. GODDAMIT THIS HURTS!!!!!! Here I am a lost Loser and Lonely, that is My life. What I seek is more than obvious. And Sheila if You ever read this I really have to sa this for You. Hey Kid. I do love You. You understand more than a lot of People how a Person can lose control. If You knew how that rips Me apart. You really sent a Kid sprawling. I am crying so bad while I write this I am so near to breking down hard. You People that think I make this shit up I say to Yo, I widh to fuck You could feel My pain. Please help out a retarded Kid type right now it hurts so bad.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Que Onda?

   I am at wonder. Are the Mexicans here to help or defeat Us. Here I am talking just Tonite with a Mexican. As soon as He said ,"No Habla.", and I saw the look in His eye I knew better. I told one of Their Sons that I know quite well that I believe They are Here to help America, I did'nt receive a shocked response either. So watch Your own asses Kids.